Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Haircut...

“God has given a son to us. His name will be Wonderful Counselor.” -Isaiah 9:6
This is what someone's hair looked like as he fell asleep.

However, the same someone (allegedly), decided "his bangs were really long and hanging all in his eyes"

Naturally, he did what any non-licensed-professional-7 year old-beauty-school-drop-out would do....
He took the law (or the scissors) into his own hands.
He made an executive decision, along with the support of encouraging and giggling cousins.

By sunrise? Problem solved.

No more bangs.

Sometimes Christmas doesn't exactly, look like what you think it should look like

Plans change...

People are missing...
Hair isn't perfect for pictures...
Chairs that used to be filled are empty....

One thing is not empty?
The manger.

He came for you.
He came for me.

God was there then.
God is here now.

God, Thank You for leaving perfection to come to the place where there are broken hearts and jacked up bangs.

In His Dust,

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