Monday, May 23, 2011

That Was Awkward....

"No one knows the day or the hour."-Jesus

This includes you Mr. Camping and any other clowns that might follow a man's words and not God's.

Harold Camping sure ain't no prophet and it seems his biggest problem has nothing to do with what didn't happen Saturday.
People spent millions on billboards announcing the day and the hour only to be proven wrong.

There weren't piles of clothes sitting around....
Harold Camping, found himself yesterday subdued and somewhat "flabbergasted."

Some of them say, their math might have been off.

Ya think?

I feel sad for the people that sold their goods.....and stopped their lives.

I will give them this- they had some serious chutzpah.

I am just hoping that we can all be as merciful as God when thinking or speaking about the lost and disappointed followers, including Mr. Camping.

Make no mistake I believe with everything in me that JESUS IS COMING BACK.
I also believe with everything in me, we will NOT know when.

God, Please show me where I am "miscalculating" Your Word.

In His Dust,


Deacon Hector said...

Hey Deb,

So much money spent on billboards, phamplets, and other material. Yet, that money would have better served Christ's intent if it had been spent on those that are suffering financially, or because of natural or manmade disasters.

I sometimes feel (no proof whatsoever, here) that those that look forward to Judgement Day do not feel that they themselves will be judged. They look forward not to Christ returning to Earth and creating a world with no strife or hate, but instead look forward to the judgment and punishment of others, individuals and groups that they despise (Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Whites, Catholics, Protestants, Bhuddists, Atheists, et al). I work with youth, and some of the classmates that my kids had who beleived in the May 21st "rapture" were being pretty ugly towards other kids. Talk about an awkward day to them.

I look forward to the day we meet Christ face to face...and see him, open armed, waiting for us to enter Hid kingdom.

Jackie Meyer said...

Very well usual!