Monday, July 12, 2010

Hairdos and Hotlines...

Apparently Dr Dexter, isn't real into it.
No, seriously, I heard from a very close source...He Ain't Into That.
However, if you wear a red velvet smoking jacket and sit in the study with Father Bob's might hear "Tiny Bubbles" out of his pipe, if you drip the right stuff in there.
Although Doris, Edna and Judy, of the non-Grammy award winning, The Faith Tones...don't make a statement either way...they definitely are into a few of which is Clairol...the other- neckerchiefs and polyester.

The great news for us is....whether we are into it or not...Big Jer has the number to heaven.
Not just any line 5 or 6...but the actual hot line!
This is going to be very handy and helpful because there are alot of people I would love to speak with.
God, Thank You for all kinds of people that serve and love You.
In His Dust

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