Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cups Running Over...

In Israel we spent some time with a Bedouin family in their home.Their hospitality was of Biblical proportions.
They served us bread and "coffee."
Well, they said it was coffee....I am still not convinced that is was actually
Possible a very distant relative of coffee...this was more a cross between mud and coffee...and more mud.
But I digress...The moment you take a sip of this (and you HAD to in order to be polite)...they filled it right back up. Kind of like that one Chinese restaurant, where the moment your tea is perfect, the waiter comes over and fills up your cup...ruining the perfect mixture of lemon and Sweet and Low.

Sorry, back to the Bedouin tent...
It was as if the cup would never run out...they wanted you to enjoy it and know you under their watch, you were not going to lack anything.
The Hebrew term for this action, translates into, "My Cup Runneth Over."

As I remember it, The Biblical principal behind this is....
you will not run out.
The Moment you partake or accept any of refills itself. Or Rather He Refills it for you.
God's Love...His Blessings and His Grace...will continue to pour out on you.
On Me.
On Us.
I am blessed beyond measure...
The cup of my entire life overflows...and He is The Pourer of each and every drop of it.

Thank You God, for all of our overflowing cups. May each of us be aware Who is doing all the pouring.

In His Dust,

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Anonymous said...

I think my cup's running over too :-)

Lars from Bremen, Germany

*It's all true*