Monday, May 24, 2010

Mikey on Stage...

One of the sermons I heard yesterday, was called "What Are You Waiting For?"
(Cliff's Notes version- Jesus called you to LIVE a life of abundance.)

6 hours later I find myself dinner...The Argyle.
It was about 357 degrees...400% humidity.
I am listening to the band and I see an "extra guitarist" join them on stage.
I see the sermon I just heard, coming to life.

Big Mike D.
Mikey understands the concept of living abundantly, very clearly.
He knows sometimes standing on the sidelines doesn't cut have to jump in...

don't worry about not having the right instrument...or being covered in ketchup...and orange soda....
Whether it looks like we fit in or not....
you just gotta get up there and play with what you got.

God, Thank You for the great opportunities You put right in front of my face...please show me exactly where they are.

In His Dust,

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