Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6...

This blog has been hijacked by Weezie...

Forty-two years ago at 4:15 in the afternoon, prayers were answered...a beautiful little girl was born. With dark curly hair, great big dark blue eyes with tons of lashes, a tiny button nose and the normal ten toes and ten fingers.
With tears of happiness, joy and a loss of eight pounds and six ounces..this mother was beaming from ear to ear. Look what the Lord has given us!!!!
Oh how blessed this family became....that little girl has grown into the most beautiful lady.
She spends her days making this world a better place to live in and life so much more fun.
The sun is brighter and our world is filled with laughter daily.
So, I think God for this young lady and the absolute joy, happiness, and pride she has brought to this family.


LJFredricks said...

This is the sweetest thing.... Happy Birthday!

Natalie said...

So true~ You are a blessing to everyone you know Debbi!