Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mac's got an iphone

My dad got an iPhone.

Those of you that know him....well, let's just say, we have just given a monkey keys to a Ferrari.

Don't get me wrong- my father is the charts..

The finest architect I have ever known or been aware of

He is honest to a fault....his word is his bond.

His handshake is from West is strong and binding.
His heart is as sensitive as the touch pad on his new phone.
But technology.

ummm....not so much.....
I feel certain, handling the repercussions of this purchase, will soon be become my new part time job.

First of all, he refers to it as his iPod.I can't even begin to tell him this also has an iPod on it.
Not to mention, all of the other features it has on it.
He gave me about 5 minutes, to explain the entire thing...and accidentally "prank" called about 4 people shortly there after.

Thank goodness my brother is an attorney. This is a potential law suit waiting to happen.

Another thing, he informed me he is, and I quote, "not interested in getting iTunes. Whatever that is- I don't need it or have time for it!"

I wonder, if God must have felt this way, in a much smaller scale, when He decided to give us free will?

God, I am sorry. This monkey writing this blog has wrecked many a Ferrari. Thank you for Your Patience and Mercy.

In His Dust,


Anonymous said...

you are priceless!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... the monkey driving this ferrari (red pedal car with an "IPOD") are correct on the operational details....

but ....... you left the part out that .....

"my dad is so proud of my walk with our Lord that it brings tears to his eyes" ...... i love you debbi

Natalie said...

I love it Debbi! I'm not sure I'd be any better with an iPhone! I love that your godson is in the picture with Hunter on that bungee thing. That was a fun thing! Hope you are having a great week. Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

too funny! love the pics! Some day our kids will be laughing at us when we don't know how to access the google chip implanted in our heads.

Pops and Nana said...

Love it!! From a fellow monkey!!
Heard a great sermon here in Pt A on mercy
Love, Honey Baby