Monday, December 1, 2008

Water and Pretzels $1.00 each...

So I get the call on Saturday morning from my Godson. My presence was requested at his "store opening." Upon arrival, I find, not so much a store...but an antique table with a cash register on it...and a lovely sign letting the world know there is not only water, but pretzels for sale here.

The charge for this rare delicacy??

$1.00 for Water, and $1.00 for a Pretzel.

What happened to these sweet little girls and their 10 cent lemonade!!!???
I asked if they were serious and I was led to this sign.
With a face, that basically said, "lady, if you have to ask, you can't afford it."

The water was in the equivalent of a shot glass....mine came complete with a small stick in it AND a bonus- live bug. Totally worth the dollar I paid for it.

The best part was when I was asked for a sip, by the salesman.
Who in turn, took the entire glass down, said "sorry, I was thirsty."
The smaller assistant was sent into the backyard, for two reasons,
A-to clean the dog poop off of his feet, (probably in the newly cleaned pool)
B-to bring the wheelbarrow out to take the money away in. (ok.)

I was next instructed to stand out in front of the table and yell when people drive by.

Let me see if I can recap this for you;

Still in a turkey coma, I am awakened, dragged out of bed...basically, "robbed" by shorties, one missing his front teeth and his smaller assistant who had a foot covered in dog poo.

After the initial highway robbery...I am handed a very small cup of water with some bugs and a stick in it...soon the glass is taken from order to satisfy their own thirst.

After all of this- I am asked help recruit more suckers such as myself.

(The water is not going to sell itself people!) As I am looking for more customers, I notice the manager of the store, pouring out the water on to the street, When I looked at him funny, he said -"What? The leaves looked really dry. Don't worry, I am saving some in case Mikey gets more dog poop on his feet."

God, thank you for all that you give us- When we treat you like a customer at our "stand", may we remember that is is Your's First. We are only here as your stewards.

Grace and Peace,


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