Monday, December 8, 2008

Eiffel Tower

My Godson went to NYC this past weekend....he called home with a report of two sitings.
Snow and The Eiffel Tower.
Pardon me-
Mom- "You mean The Statue of Liberty, right?"
William-"No, The Eiffel Tower...and snow"
Mom- "You mean The Empire State Building, right?"
William- "No, I mean The Eiffel Tower. It was in a store- called FAO something....made of Lego'sThank you FAO Schwartz for saving us all the money to take him to Paris...
Well, this got me to thinking...what are others seeing as my "representation" of
Jesus? If they don't know him yet...but know I am a follower of Him...what do they see?

God, I pray that they see Love....The Lights and all of it.
Give them the desire to meet the real deal and not just settle for the "Lego" version.
Grace and Peace,

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