Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jury Duty...

“Ladies and Gentleman, the only service demanded of you as a citizen, is your participation on a jury; a small price to pay next to the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Thank you for your service. This jury is dismissed.”

I’ve never been one who has tried to dodge the experience, nor do I resent it.
the control freak in me....would like to know how my day will be spent...should I cancel work and other board meetings for the week? My list of things to do is on hold!
It is all a reminder to me...that I am not in control-
God is....
God, help me to use this time to...
Just sit.
Just Be.
With You.
Grace and Peace,

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LJFredricks said...

you are better than I my friend. Although I did have a good excuse I think I would have used it even if I were not sick!