Monday, April 25, 2016

He Walks With Us...

Our current sermon series is on grief and loss. 

In the 23rd Psalm, David talks about "the valley of the shadow of death"....

I believe that grief and loss, (the "valleys" in our lives), don't have to be related to death, although they certainly are at times. 
There are times when our valleys might just be a bad day, a sad moment or a hard season.

Up until this point in the Psalm....David speaks ABOUT God......
"He Leads....He restores"

The sheep is describing The Shepherd.
and yet, when the sheep is in trouble.....and finds himself or herself in a "valley"
He changes from speaking about God- TO God 

Because the sheep knows, He is WITH him.

"I will fear no evil....for YOU are WITH me."

He is speaking directly TO The Shepherd.....

The Shepherd is no longer just someone he describes,
 this Shepherd is someone he knows.......

We too, know alot about The Shepherd, Jesus....
where He was born.....who He ran around with.....some of His teachings....the account of His crucifixion and resurrection. We know His earthly father was a carpenter named Joseph, and His mom was named Mary....We know He turned water in to good wine...
We know He cared for least of these....walked on water and loved children.

However, do we know The Shepherd described above, is yours?
Do we realize He is with us and not just others?

Do you realize God Himself, is with YOU.

Buckner Fanning asked in a sermon on the 23rd Psalm, "Is God a He or a You?"

A Christian will never walk through the valley of death, it will always be a shadow...
and will only be a shadow.
wherever you are right at this moment, look around you. 
Wherever you see a shadow....
look behind it.....there is a light.

There is never a shadow without a light. There is no substance to a shadow.
God tells us we are going to go THROUGH matter how deep or dark, or shallow and just inconvenient.

He declares, "I am The Light of The world" - John 8:12

and because of that promise, You and I never have to walk alone, never, ever.

God, Thank You for walking with us.....

In His Dust, 

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