Monday, September 28, 2015

Questions and Answers....

Questions I've heard since..... 

Friday morning..."What on earth are helicopters doing flying in circles around Alamo Heights?" 
"Do you think you can update my iPhone?

Friday night...."If I make you a drink, can you fix my iPhone?" (which is a lovely trade.)

Saturday morning..."Where do dinosaurs fit in Genesis? Also, can you help me update my iPhone?"

Sunday afternoon...."Have you updated your iPhone & iPad? Do you think you could do mine? I'll make dinner? (excellent trade)

Sunday 7 & 9 year old neighbors as we watched the moon wanted to know-
"What makes it red and why is it turning dark? How do we keep warm at night with no sun?"
(Before you try to enlighten me on blood moon or any science facts- save yourself the effort. Like I told teachers in the past- I don't care. Then. Or now.) 

Monday morning walk....sun not even the pitch black I heard, "Chesney- that you? 
Why are there 50 kids on the AH football field this am. They aren't in band or dance team." 

The one question from this weekend, that caused me to stop and really think was from a Senior Rabbi and a Cantor after a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday.... 
"Debbi, why do you believe.....Why does your church practice...."

I stood at attention as if I had just heard Weezie yell, "DEBORAH CHRISTINE CHESNEY get back here right this minute!"

I wanted to be honest, confident and gentle in my answers.
I immediately thought of Peter and his wise advice when put in this position.... 
"Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy." -1 Peter 3:15

From what I can gather, God seems to be drawing my attention to questions people are asking me- at all hours of day and night- at all places from football fields to synagogues. 

He has also pointed out to me that He has never asked to explain science or creation or who's on the AH field at what hours- or why a helicopter is flying over head in the hood -(clearly He has given me the lesser known spiritual gift of iPhone-ology)  

I am ok with not knowing all things....because I know The One Who does.

Here's what I do know about the moon.....
it was bright and pretty and lit my path this morning...
And The Very God who hung it up there knows my name. And Your's.

God, Thank You for being The Answer. You are all we need.

In His Dust,

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