Monday, August 24, 2015

Worm Dance....

Text exchange this morning..... 

Mikey: "You up?"
Me: "Hi Mikey- you ready for Junior High?!!?!"
Mikey: "I think so!"
Me: "You are gonna be great!"
Mikey: "I hope so. I did "the worm" at the dance on Saturday night. So, there's that."

Me: "Never underestimate the power of The Worm at your first dance." 

It hit me, at end of our conversation....we're ALL starting something new...
Today, for many it's school....
But it's not just's each time the sun rises again......

We're all trying to put our best foot forward....
we're all bringing our best "Worm Dance." 

Flashback to 2009.....Hey Howard Kindergarten, Meet Big Mike D.
Mikey: "I was in the front row. I even made a friend. She was on my bus....also, she's a girl."
Me: "I've got one thing to say...Peas and Carrots."

*Truth by known, I prefer him to be "peas in carrots" with a different girl. 
Who by the way is also enjoying her first day of Kindergarten! 

Ok...back to Howard...
First stroll of the Kindergarten halls and his head's in the game...

Well, until he got to the actual classroom.

Hmmm....Fear of the unknown.

"Fear Nothing, I Am with you always." ~Isaiah 41:10

ALL of you.

God, Thank You for being with all of us, all the time. For fresh starts each and every day.

In His Dust,


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