Monday, March 23, 2015

Love God, Love People...

I got into an insightful conversation yesterday with someone on Facebook who was looking for a new church...
It involved several people who thought they had the answer. 
Including me.

My gut instinct was to sell how wonderful MY church home is....
To prove that is was the best fit for could she possibly like somewhere else better???

Which was a great concept until I noticed everyone else had the same thought.
except, they weren't all from MY church. 
That's when I realized, I agreed with them...they all went to great churches!

I was quickly reminded of some wise words from Bob Goff.... 
"When people ask where you go to church....tell them 'OUR'S!' 
Because when it all comes down to it....WE ARE THE CHURCH."
Jesus spent His last hours here on Earth praying for those who remained and those that would come (US), to be known for our love for one another.
In this way we can best show Him to others. 
(This includes different churches and different denominations)

"Jesus said, 'The first in importance is, 
love the Lord God with all your passion, prayer, intelligence and energy.' 
And here is the second: "Love others as you love yourself.' 
There is no other commandment that ranks with these." ~Mark 12:30-31

 "Our legacy is the trail of breadcrumbs we leave leading towards Jesus....
make it look like you worked in a bakery." ~Bob Goff

God, Thank you for such simple instructions to Love you and Love others. 

In His Dust,

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