Monday, January 27, 2014

Church with Charlie...

Yesterday I was walking in to church and heading to my usual seat. 
I sit in the front row next to Crocker. It helps me pay attention and it reminds me to pray for him and the worship team...if the truth be also offers me a nice location if there are witty comments that need to be made before, during or after his sermon.

However, yesterday morning I was stopped by a little bitty man, who patted the seat next to he proclaimed..."DEVVI! Sit. Right. Here!"

As you may recall....previously on the adventures of Sir Charles, he was "puttin' his baptize on."
Fast forward to a year later.....The boy has taken to "Puttin' on The Word".
I get pics of Charlie "studying" often...
so you can imagine my anticipation of joining him in worship
This is not what I pictured.
He settled in to watch some Donald Duck-
and strapped on some headphones to drown out Darrell.
He chomped on a bacon & egg taco and washed it down with my Diet Coke- 

At the end of the service he handed me these....
 I would love to tell you he took copious notes on Crocker's sermon.
He did not. 
However, he did write me "some notes and he end them with a cross."
It struck me...God can get my attention no matter where I sit.
Whether it looks like I am intently listening to the sermon or Donald Duck.
He can and will, do the same for you as well.
Just look for Him.
"If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find Me." ~Jeremiah 29:13

Everything is anchored in The Cross. 
Charlie gets it.
"Whoever humbles himself like this child 
is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven" ~Matthew 18:4

God, Thank You for reaching me through a little boy in headphones seeming not to pay attention. What matters is that YOU are.

In His Dust,

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