Monday, June 10, 2013

The Emergency Pager...

When you call the church after hours this is what you hear....
"If this is an emergency or life threatening situation...please press 911 and a pastor will be paged immediately."

Let's review over a few possible emergency situations, shall we?

Someone is dying.
Someone is in serious trouble.
Someone is on fire.
Someone has just been in a terrible accident.
Someone has just passed away.
Someone is in a crisis and needs counseling.

I had the pager this weekend. 
(No, your time machine did not just drop you off in 1985, I said pager....which is an entirely different post)
This was a middle of the night emergency call we received...
"Please call me back quickly, I need to find out how to enroll my son in a shop class at Lee High School. Also, I could use $3500.00."

Ummmmm, at first, I wondered if he had misheard emergency as,
"Please press 911, if you would like to wake someone up and ask for help in a situation that is not an emergency."

In which case, I would say, Bravo sir, well played!
Then I reflected on all of the other middle of the night "emergency calls" we receive,
They go a little something like this...
What time is church? What should I wear? I think I lost a pair of sunglasses? I don't like that sermon series. Your message on the marquee is offensive. Why won't McNitzky wear a robe? What is Michael doing on his sabbatical? 

I could go on...but I was reminded by Job, that every concern of our's, is important to God.
"What is mankind that you make so much of them,
 that you give them so much attention." ~Job 7:17

Since God cares, then we should as well....3:00 am and pm equally.

God, Thank You for caring about every concern we have, just because You love us. 

In His Dust, 


Anonymous said...

you are a wonderful Christian Woman .....we are very
proud of you and what you accomplish every single day love

Debbi's Blog said...

Thank you Daddy-I love you!