Monday, November 7, 2011

So do you...

Hmmmmm..... should Kardashian have divorced so quickly? Is Bieber really a daddy? Did Cain do it? Why didn't Paterno tell? Is Sandusky guilty? How long will Conrad Murray be in jail? Why isn't Lindsay Lohan ever really punished?

My first reaction? “Point my finger"
Jesus' reaction? “Go get water.”

I feel, like it's my duty to decide whether they are wrong or not.

Jesus feels, it's my duty to, “love them.”
My attitude: If they are in the wrong, they deserve to pay a penalty.

Jesus' attitude: You’re right, but so do you..."

God, Thank You for forgiving us, in spite of ourselves.

In His Dust,


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Dawn said...

Thank you Debbi. That's a great word. One we should never forget.